Current Vendor List

This list only includes our more consistent vendors. We have several vendors that will choose to participate on a week to week basis.

Booth NumberProprietorBusiness NameProducts/ServicesLocation
1Prieto Misc. Treasures Vendor's Row
2Jesse Quevedo Misc. Treasures Vendor's Row
3Dela Cruz Furniture Vendor's Row
4Bret Price Furniture Vendor's Row
5Raul Moya Misc. Treasures Vendor's Row
6Martinez Misc. Treasures Vendor's Row
7Martinez Misc. Treasures Vendor's Row
8Derek White Misc. Treasures Vendor's Row
9+10Tammy/Robert Lopez Misc. Treasures Vendor's Row
11Lupe McHaney Misc. Treasures Vendor's Row
12+13Gloria Flores Misc. Treasures Vendor's Row
14-15Tom Pina Misc. Treasures Vendor's Row
16Richard Garcia Misc. Treasures Vendor's Row
17 & 18Sylvia Guzman Misc. Treasures Vendor's Row
19Sylvia Gutierrez Misc. Treasures Vendor's Row
20Joe Mata Misc. Treasures Vendor's Row
21VacantVendor's Row
22VacantVendor's Row
23VacantVendor's Row
24VacantVendor's Row
25-26Esteban Fernandez Misc. Treasures Vendor's Row
27VacantFlea Market BoothVendor's Row
28VacantVendor's Row
29VacantVendor's Row
30-39Max Rivera Misc. Treasures Vendor's Row
40VacantVendor's Row
41VacantVendor's Row
42Juan Torres Tires Flat Repair Vendor's Row
43D. Williams Misc. Clothes Main Bld.
44Maria Garcia Wedding Decorations Main Bld.
45Mike Martinez Go Figure DC & Marvel Toys Main Bld.
46-47Claudia Hair Salon Salon & Barber Main Bld.
48-49Cristal Saucedo Glorious Boutique New Kids Clothing, Bows, accessories, & Custom Orders Main Bld.
50-51, 65-67Shah New Purses Main Bld.
53-54Wayne Garcia Vapes, Jewelry, Toys Main Bld.
55VacantMain Bld.
56VacantMain Bld.
57Sal Castillo / Lynn Castillo Women's Make-up, Key Chains, lanyards, toys Main Bld.
58Curtis Beavers Pocket Knives  Main Bld.
59David Lintz Children's Formal Wear & Cotton Candy Main Bld.
60VacantMain Bld.
61OM Threading / Lolita Eye brow threading and facials Main Bld.
62-63, 75-76, 85-86Mack Wallets, Blankets, jewelry, bamboo plants Main Bld.
64& 73Raquel Castillo / Lynn Castillo Make-Up  Main Bld.
68-69Brenda Trevino  Pie Kitchen Fresh Baked Cookies, Cakes, Breads, and Pies Main Bld.
50, 71-72, 77, 84, 89-96MillerJewelry, Electric Vehicles, Outdoor & MoreMain Bld.
74VacantMain Bld.
78Guevara Ludwing Computer Sales and Repair Main Bld.
79-80 Jai Scented Fragrances Main Bld.
81, 108-110Drivers Edge Car Audio and Stereo Main Bld.
82VacantMain Bld.
83VacantMain Bld.
87, 102 & 103Allison York Found GamingFound Gaming Retro Gaming Systems, Games, and Accessories Main Bld.
88Peggy Cline Misc. Treasures Main Bld.
97 - 99Brenda Comer Kitchenware & Houseware Main Bld.
100 - 101 April Flores/Lou Lous Refurbished Furniture Main Bld.
104 - 105, 231, 242-245Jana Baskin 1 of 3 New Vintage T-Shirts Main Bld.Barn
106 - 107Money Moni Lar /Jyoti  Kids Toys, Tasers, Tabaco Pipes Main Bld.
SE Main entranceCandi Esmeralda Piñatas, Mexican Candy, Bounce House Rentals Main Bld.
SW Main EntranceKim Brigham New T-Shirts Main Bld.
Snack BarElias Tapia ? Autlan Rest.  Authentic Mexican Food Main Bld.
197 - 201Ramirez New Women's Undergarments Barn
202Salim Phone Accessories Barn
203 - 204Colinas Christian Book Store Barn
205Jason Williams Tabaco Pipes Barn
206Francisca Aranda Hand Sewn aprons Barn
207, 214-216, 234-236Shirley Roberson New Women's Clothing Barn
208Rosevelt Benson Sports Jerseys Barn
209 & 213Erica Ulloa Women's Accessories & Super Hero T-Shirts Barn
210 & 211Roy Gilliam Game Consoles, Metal Art, and Custom Furniture Barn
217 - 218, 232-233Lupe Mendez Snacks and Miscellaneous Items Barn
219 - 220 Overstreet Male & Female Clothing Barn
221 - 223 & 227Louis Ramirez Wrestling Masks, Ponchos, Stereos Barn
224 -225Mari Perry Lemon's and Mexican Candy Barn
226& 273Jesus Ramirez Men's, Women's, Children's Boots & Clothing  Barn
228 -229Candy shoals Women's & Children's Clothing Barn
230Leticia Lopez Clothing Alterations Barn
237, 239Erindida Dosal Custom Bows & Toys Barn
238Domingo Ramiro Collector Sports Cards, Wrestling figures, and Hot Wheels Barn
240Justin Rodriguez Lowrider T-Shirts Barn
247Maria / David  Rodriguez Women's Purses (Skull Candy Purses) & Women's Clothes Barn
248 - 249 & 267-268Bob Brown Avon, Perfume, Dart Boards, Coin Games Barn
251Nicole Alaniz Custom Made Accessories for Cups and Kitchenware Barn
253 -255Man Cave Eating Area Barn
256Joe Lopez Spray Paint Custom Spray Art & Wood work Barn
257 - 258 & 299Victor Ramirez Misc. items Barn
259-260, 289-292Jessica Torres Custom Wall Décor, Women's Boutique Clothing, and Skull Candy Purses Barn
261 - 264, 284, 286, 288Rhonda Slack Earrings, Piercing Accessories, Bows, Wall Décor Barn
269 - 271JoAnn Guererro Hi-Joes Burgers, Brisket Nachos, Brisket Tacos, Frito Pie, Home Made Lemonade Barn
272Olivares Mexican Bread Fresh Made Mexican Sweet Pastry's  Barn
274Maria Chavez Women's Jewelry Barn
275, 277Mike Garcia (J&M Knives) Tactical Gear & Fantasy Items Barn
278, 280, 282Angie/ Eziekeil Guitierrez Wall Décor & Cowboy Hats Barn
279Jack Davis Cowboy Hats Barn
281, 283, 285 Van Furniture, Beds, appliances, misc. items Barn
287Lupe TorresBarn
295- 296Joe Guerrero Sports Team T-Shirts Barn
297Lynn Castillo Make-up  Barn
298Jennifer Cassidy Fire Retardant (FR) Clothing Barn
300Jason Williams Tabacco Pipes  Barn
301Jason Williams  Glass Blowing and Products Barn

Vendor Hours

Times vendors can setup and access their booths

Vendor Hours Thursdays 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. and Fridays from 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.